The Art of Asphalt: Paving Pathways to Excellence

The Art of Asphalt: Paving Pathways to Excellence

Welcome to the world of asphalt paving, where precision meets durability to create smooth and reliable pathways that lead us forward. From the sprawling commercial parking lots to the cozy residential driveways, asphalt paving plays a pivotal role in shaping our daily interactions with the built environment. At ATLANTIC ASPHALT, a trusted name in the industry, paving is more than just a business – it’s a legacy rooted in family values and community service since 1980. As a staple in Scranton, Pa., we take pride in our craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of excellence one pavement at a time. Whether it’s a freshly laid road or a meticulously paved sidewalk, our dedication to quality shines through in every project we undertake. Join us as we delve into the artistry and innovation of asphalt paving, where every surface tells a story of resilience and progress.

The History of Atlantic Asphalt

Founded in 1980, Atlantic Asphalt is a family-owned and operated company based in Scranton, Pa. Specializing in both commercial and residential paving, Atlantic Asphalt has been paving pathways to excellence for over four decades. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

Since its inception, Atlantic Asphalt has been dedicated to providing top-notch paving services to the residents of Scranton and beyond. With a strong focus on attention to detail and using high-quality materials, they have successfully completed numerous projects, earning the trust of their clients and setting the standard for excellence in the asphalt paving industry.

With a strong legacy of success and a team of skilled professionals, Atlantic Asphalt continues to be a leading name in the paving business. Their passion for paving excellence and commitment to delivering outstanding results have made them a trusted choice for all asphalt paving needs in the Scranton area.

Residential vs Commercial Paving Services

In the world of asphalt paving, the distinction between residential and commercial services is significant. Residential paving projects often involve driveways, walkways, and small parking areas. These projects require attention to detail and a focus on creating a visually appealing and functional surface that complements the aesthetics of the home.

On the other hand, commercial paving services cater to larger projects such as parking lots, roadways, and industrial areas. These projects demand a high level of expertise and efficiency to ensure durability and long-lasting results. Companies like "ATLANTIC ASPHALT" bring their decades of experience to commercial paving, offering customized solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations.


Whether it’s a cozy residential driveway or a sprawling commercial parking lot, the team at "ATLANTIC ASPHALT" understands the unique requirements of each type of project. With a strong focus on quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted name in both residential and commercial paving services in Scranton, Pa.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Reaching out to satisfied customers is a fundamental aspect of gauging the effectiveness of any service provider. ATLANTIC ASPHALT has excelled in receiving glowing testimonials from numerous clients who have benefited from their top-notch asphalt paving services. Many homeowners in Scranton, Pa., have lauded the company for their impeccable attention to detail, prompt delivery, and overall professionalism.

One customer, Mrs. Johnson, shared her experience with ATLANTIC ASPHALT stating, "I couldn’t be happier with the new driveway they installed for me. The quality of workmanship is truly exceptional, and the team was a pleasure to work with throughout the process." Such positive feedback is a testament to the dedication and expertise that the family-owned business brings to every residential paving project they handle.

Another client, Mr. Smith, expressed his satisfaction with ATLANTIC ASPHALT, emphasizing, "Having experienced subpar paving services in the past, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of precision and care that this company exhibited. They transformed my property with a beautifully paved driveway that has enhanced both its aesthetic appeal and functionality." Such success stories reaffirm the reputation that ATLANTIC ASPHALT has cultivated over the years, solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the industry.