TDC#56 Name That Earworm!!!


Earworm in captivity - DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO ITS EYES!!!!

Momentarily inspired by Cat#2’s latest podcast earworm, the Cats did a little research and attempt to discuss all things Earworm! Then we revisit the poetry corner and hear from the former Poet Laureate of the United States, Billy Collins (whose spoken word CDs are fabulous!)  entitled “More Than a Woman” – yes, he means the song. Earworm! You’re welcome

He also offers a “cure” for earworms at the end of the show. If Mr. Collins’ suggestion do not help you, try this.

A special shout out here on the blog to listener Michelle who lives in the big northern mitten (that would be Michigan). She spotted the following treasure on sale and sent it into the Cats – he talks!!!!!!!!


And can you identify any of the (I counted) 16 song snippets in this show (I counted separated tunes as separate entities)?  Lordy…. I hope I counted that right….. 😉

TDC#49 – Pintastic!

Welcome to show number 49! We are most fortunate to be joined by Pin Guy Extraordinaire John Rick of The Disney Pincast, Celebrations magazine and Central Jersey Pin Traders. We discuss Kim Possible pins, general pin trading topics and a mysterious little fellow named Bobby Pinback…..

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

Then we recall a time when Cat #1 had lots and lots of fun…

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

We also mention:

And, side note, Cat#2 came home with a few cool new pins after Tracefest (though her Rufus pin went 101 on Main street)…


TDC #42: All About the Naked Mole Rat

Okay, we’re at it again. Don’t listen to this one with the kids….unless you want to explain some things that maybe you don’t wanna explain. Like furries, and the cultural context in which one would ordinarily hear the word “dentata.”

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If you’re looking for information about the new Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, in a decidedly more family-friendly environment, you’ll want to check out the guest appearance by our friends Sheila and Steve on Bryan and Jonathan’s All About the Mouse episode 94.

And about that penguin Jennifer cosplayed at an Anime Convention? The photographic evidence has strangely disappeared, so instead she provides this YouTube link so you can see the penguin she’s so inordinately fond of:

Update 3/5: Check it out! Our friend Ken has sent a picture of himself with Kim and Ron:

Our friend Ken, with Kim and Ron