TDC #151: Lemonade Mouth

lemonade Mouth CD cover

Given their fondness for the High School Musical franchise, Jennifer and the Watchamacallit were absolutely not gonna miss Lemonade Mouth! And now they share their thoughts with you.

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Jennifer’s also recently reviewed Lemonade Mouth in her Jentasmic! column on Studios Central. And if you’d like to learn more about Hayley Kiyoko, who plays our favorite character Stella, head on over to Racialicious, which gave Jennifer the heads up on this move in the first place.

Jennifer’s thinking that Lemonade Mouth, the book on which this movie was based, might be a good choice for some future round of the Those Darn Cats book club. What do you think? Drop us a note!

And for anyone who worries that the Watchamacallit may have a warped understanding of the beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War II, you really need to watch Animal House. But this would do, for a start:

Bluto’s right. Psychotic, but right.

TDC #148: Touring Plans and Lines


Trace: A Disney Dude For Sure!

Jennifer loves to talk about Touring Plans and Lines! So even though our good friends in TestaVille (aka the website of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) could speak much more eloquently on the topic, when Trace had a few questions about how to use these products to squeeze the maximum number of attractions into a single August day at the Magic Kingdom, we just went with it.

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While you’re at it, check out TDC 90, featuring Lines developer Henry Work.

And about those badges? Jennifer’s still a relative neophyte on Lines, but she sure is proud of her Nowhere in Particular badge. Here are her current stats and chats on the Lines app, where she’s known by the user name “kitty-chan.”

Jennifer's badges on Lines

Jennifer's badges on Lines (click the image for a larger version)

TDC #145: Leibovitz Dream Portraits

A new batch of Annie Leibovitz Disney dream portraits came out recently, and you know we have to talk about them! Looking at the scope and path of her career, these portraits (and the other Disney commissions that have proceeded them) are surely a departure.

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TDC#127 The New Disney Stores

magic ahead!

This weeks show, taped prior to the beginning of the World Series (yes, that does play a part), is a discussion about the new Disney tores opening around the country and the Dallas location that Lisa and Trace will be visiting the following weekend… and then visiting and revisiting and visiting some more…. oh – and the Giants won!!

note pin

other stores joined in the disney theme too

TDC #118: Peoplemover Returns! Sort of.

Wondering how we feel about Walt Disney World re-naming the TTA to the TTA Peoplemover?

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Strangely enough, there’s an obscene part right in the middle somewheres, regarding Lotso. Keep the kids away, kthx. And we listen to audio from the Disneyland Peoplemover, which isn’t dirty at all, we promise.

TDC #63: Carousel of Feminist Progress

Ever thought about the role of women in Carousel of Progress, or other Disney Parks attractions? Well, if not, we’ve got some fodder for thought in this week’s show, in which we discuss this beloved ride from a feminist perspective.

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And, well, oops! Jennifer goofed when she said Rosey Grier was a 1970s football player….that career ended in the 1960s, which doesn’t make him any less cool or feminist, just older! And why do we call him a feminist? Well, for one thing, he recorded the song you’ve heard on the show, from the TV special Free to Be You ande Me, encouraging boys to let their feelings show and not be trapped in that tired old stereotype that boys can’t cry. Plus, the man could do a mean needlepoint, I tell you.

It’s Alright to Cry

And hey, since we’ve all been reminiscing so much about Michael Jackson lately, how about this clip, also from Free to Be You and Me?

When We Grow Up

TDC #59: Star Tours Two-Point-Noooooooo!

The Cats and The Watchamacallit with Matt Hochberg of Studios Central at Star Wars Weekends 2008

The Cats and The Watchamacallit with Matt Hochberg of Studios Central at Star Wars Weekends 2008

We sure do love our Star Tours! Not that we don’t get distracted by other things of course, including Jeff W’s karaoke hit, Disney Mountain High.

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Okay peeps, surely you’ve heard the rumors all over the interwebs about Star Tours 2.0, but here’s some handy links in case you’ve fallen behind:

We also recommend trolling for new rumors over at the community forums, where there’s a current thread discussing the Slashfilm article above.

TDC #30: Disneyland Records

We’re gonna turn it on! We’re gonna bring you the power!

This week, we’re having another saunter down Memory Lane, this time to those vinyl LPs that some of us grew up with, and especially those from Disneyland Records. We’ll listen to a few nursery rhymes, enjoy songs from The Electric Company and Mickey Mouse Disco, and well, just plain chat.

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And, um yeah, about that Tinkerbell record that Jennifer promised everybody a picture of? Well, here’s the best picture she could get…it was almost as if Tink were fricking with the camera settings somehow, refusing to be photographed.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

TDC#27: Listener Feedback

It’s our second listener feedback show! This week we read some letters, talk to the Watchamacallit about High School Musical 3, announce a third Those Darn Cats MouseFest Meet, and throw in a couple classic Disneyland radio ads.

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After listening to the Watchamacallit’s comments, you can be sure that Jennifer’s gonna go to the HSM3 pep rally at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during MouseFest, so that he doesn’t have to suffer through attending it with her next time they’re at WDW together!

And hey Jon: Jennifer forgot to say that no, she’s never seen Where the Red Fern Grows…. but now she knows not to! (Hey Lisa, have you seen it?) And she couldn’t find a picture of the tiny little people from Mulholland Drive…but please trust her, they are super creepy!

TDC #26: MouseFest or Bust!

We are very proud to be Underwriting Sponsors of MouseFest 2008! And of course you know we’ve got some meets planned…and some other peoples’ meets to get to….and of course there’s the MegaMouse Meet….oh what the heck, we’ve just gotta point you at the whole MouseFest schedule!

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We do hope that those of you who are headed to MouseFest will join us for our Those Darn Cats meets:

Friday, December 12
“Fish are Friends, Not Food” Finding Nemo the Musical Meet with Those Darn Cats
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom (In the “Finding Nemo, The Musical” queue)

Please join Those Darn Cats for “Finding Nemo – the Musical.” Look for the Cats in line outside the theater and we will take in the first showing of this amazing musical together!

Exact time TBA, but anticipate attending the first show, and meeting in line ~ 11:00 am (for an 11:30 show).

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

RSVP requested but not required (please e-mail

Sunday, December 14
2nd Annual Girls Ride Out Haunted Mansion Meet
Time: 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Location: Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square, outside the Haunted Mansion Queue )

Join the Cats outside the Haunted Mansion for a thrilling, chilling adventure through the Haunted Mansion! Everyone is invited, but this morning, Ladies ride first!

No RSVP is necessary, but don’t forget to bring your…death certificate!!!!!!

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

No RSVP necessary

And hey, as of this writing it looks like it’s not too late to register for MouseFest. You don’t have to register to attend…but registration does have some special benefits. We hope to see you in December!