TDC#312 The Frozen TV Special – Secrets Revealed?

image credit ~ ABC

image credit ~ ABC

This week, we discuss the recent Frozen Special aired on ABC and all the secrets it revealed?.  We end with a couple short songs from the Frozen Soundtrack disc 2 (featuring demo music for the show).

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TDC #238: Brave vs. Wreck It Ralph

The Cats and WatchamaGreg at Reunion 2012

Waiting for the parking lot tram! So very magical!

The WatchamaGreg joins us for a discussion of Brave and Wreck It Ralph. Which deserved the Academy Award? Yes, we’re ridiculously Disney-centric and barely mention the other nominees, other than to say that more people really need to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits, an Aardman Animations tour-de-force.

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