TDC #337: Using an ECV at WDW

An ECV in the trunk of a full size rental car

We won at Tetris! Getting the scooter pieces in the trunk of the car was a puzzle game for sure

In this week’s show, Jennifer recounts her experience using an ECV/scooter at Walt Disney World during Marathon Weekend 2015.

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TDC #336: Potpourri

Baymax, Hiro, and Jennifer at a meet and greet at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Baymax, Hiro, and Jennifer

No, not a show about that intensely fragrant stuff . . . three topics were on our minds: “What’s Up, Doc,” an exhibit about animation legend Chuck Jones; CM-only stores at Walt Disney World; and the Baymax meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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TDC #226: Dragons and Food

Dragon under Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Paris

One of Jennifer’s favorite dragons, under Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. Photo by Miracle Marc, some rights reserved.

This week’s show is practically like a news round-up, if we were a news show! We talk about the trying-to-go-viral marketing for Believe In Fantasy, and the new Mickey Check system for indicating which kids’ meals are healthier choices.

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