you find the strangest things on peoples blogs

(cue star wars theme here)


over at the snowy tundra blog, jeff and mike – those masters of  intros and special effects  – give we cats a fabulous shout out! and jeff needs your help putting together a “top 10” for AATM(what, stacy wasn’t available?)…

also, published the promo “the voice” made for us – i’m such a sucker for anything that starts with: “IN A WORLD….” (NSFW-go to  3:20 for the trailer reference – side note – it’s been a long time since i went to the movies in SF and, yes, they do hiss). many thanks to jonathon for making this up for us!! feel free (no pressure) to play on YOUR podcast or, alternatively, pressure your favorite podcasters to play for you! 😉

i’m anxiously awaiting the continuation of the TDC/Stitch/Jedi saga. i still think we should get capes. i know, i KNOW- NO capes.

those @!$@!&% cats!

well, to either great consternation or relief – we know we will find out which soon 😉 – and due to our wacky travel schedules this week, we elected to hold back – yes, tantalize our loyal listeners for just another week before we put out another “semi-” lost episode ot TDC. trust me, it’s another nutty one – sure to get lots of comments and/or strange looks. but used to this we are….

in the meantime, we personally are still reeling from guesting on AATM last friday – especially the work of those nutty sound guys, jeff and mike! i mean wow! all i know is, i’m rededicating myself to the force and getting me a light saber @SWW! um, y’all heard i get to go to SWW, right???? i know, i know, don’t get cocky, kid.

and again, send us any suggestions etc.. as we gear up (read: learn to work audacity) and get ready for our debut! per suggestions, i have procured an email address for the podcast (just got to figure out how to link that thing correctly!) and am looking into a voicemail. although, after the hours of “mongello!” and “i’m mongellin’ like a fellon” that one night during chat over at the mouseguest boards produced (eric was not amused), i do fear for voicemail revenge….

over and out!

Those Darn Cats Talk Star Wars on All About the Mouse

How awesome are Bryan and Jonathan? Awesome enough that they welcomed us onto their show this week to talk about Star Wars, one of our favorite subject. I am especially tickled and flattered that their intro refers to us as “mistresses of enchantment and chaos.” It was super-fun to talk about Star Wars with such cool geeky guys!

Jonathan and Brian, thanks so much for having us on the show! Everybody, you gotta go listen to it . . . the intro is in fact quite stellar, and of course we had so much fun talking with these guys that I do believe it should be fun to listen to, as well.