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Tairy Rich, our Disney Poetess of “Did you know” and “Little Reds Riding Hood” gives me a shout out on show #12 in her “Did you know” Disney Tidbits series! By now, you all must know that i have a… fixation on the ORIGINAL Parent Trap (a Hayley Mills tour de force) and she does a mini tidbits segment on her most recent show that gave me chills!!!! I ask you, nay, i implore you to write her and, in addition to checking out her show, spam her with requests to do another segment fully on THE BEST LIVE ACTION DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!! Tell her you want to know who Andromeda is and that you need to know which cabin Susan and Sharon stay in together. What teen star does Sharon (or is it Susan hang on the wall?) How do you scare away bears in the woods? Whats the name of Hayley’s double????? And who won  the coveted Duckster for that movie?

Much thanks to Little Red for indulging me and another thank you for her very interesting Little Reds Writing Hood Show which has wormed its way into my psyche and, despite my non – artistic self, has brought me to near tears with her various topics for poetry projects.

 This Cat says —–>CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen! Ahhhhh, to be young again…. OK, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s Those Darn Cats!

First up, we talk with Trace Jennings, a previous guest, Lisa’a ToonFest partner and President of The Chapter In-Between out of DFW about the NFFC, the National Fantasy Fan Club, a national organization of Disney enthusiasts. Lisa wants to start a Virginia chapter, so if you live in the Commonwealth and have $29 – email her at: or and let’s talk!


Here are a few pics from this past weekends NFFC/Capter In-Between meeting out of DFW:

Trace's Local Chapter Member of the Year certificate!

can you identify the man in blue?

NFFC In-Betweeners treasure hunting!


Then Jennifer gets in the Meow Mix with Disney Fan Chris Nolin. Chris recommends some great Disney reads, perhaps a little off the beaten path:

And you may even hear Bette Midler get a little unruly! OK, maybe that has more to do with Lisa’s editing skills, but, after you listen, you’ll know what I mean!! Thanks for listening and Happy Back to School!

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TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

We are so very grateful that you kind folks listen to our podcast! On this week’s show, we discuss your comments on our show #12, on Disney male characters from a feminist perspective.

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Also, a special shout-out tonight to Donna/chica and Trace for posting reviews to iTunes. Thanks very much, we appreciate your kind words!

And hey, can anybody out there tell me which well-known, well-loved podcaster can be heard singing Minnie’s Yoo Hoo at the start of today’s show? Yeah, I thought you could.

We are always super-glad to hear from listeners…so don’t be shy people! Leave a comment here, send mail to, send a carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat. We’re always looking for topics for future shows, and always interested to hear your thoughts on whatever’s on your mind.

TDC#14: Disney-fication!

Have you looked at the airport security line and wished for a FastPass? Well sir, you just may be suffering from Disney-fication, the topic of this week’s show.

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Also this week, we’re glad to bring you a ride through of the Hershey’s Chocolate World Chocolate Tour, recorded the day after MagicMeets. We had an alarming amount of fun on that attraction…so much so, that we wished we could take you all along with us! It’s also only fair to warn you: The attraction’s main theme is a disturbingly catchy ear worm, which you’re likely to find yourself humming, whether you like it or not. Sort of like, oh, this little boat ride I’ve been on a few times, featuring tiny little children with unfortunate joint problems, doomed to sing the same song over and over and over again.

I also must say, Lisa might think I am a bit mentally unstable. This is of course for many reasons, but not the least of them being the fact that I swear the last time I was at Hershey’s Chocolate World, there was a singing chef making custom cupcakes. So hey, Lisa, here’s that picture again, just to reassure you I’m still (perhaps tenuously) still grasping reality, at least by some measure of that word.

UPDATE: check out the visuals for the ride through here –! Courtesy of the Northern Mouse Podcast! Thanks, Carlos!

TDC#13 – Have you heard the one about….


Rumours! We got rumours! And they’re not ALL about Walt Disney’s head! Make sense? It will after you download and listen to this week’s episode of Those Darn Cats! This week, The Cats discuss Disney rumours of every ilk – from the actually true to the incredibly outlandish. Some of our conformational/debunking facts can be found at

So, how much do YOU know about the Haunted Mansion? Did you know the Manson Family/Tate murders occurred the same day that HM opened? Has anyone REALLY died on Disney property? Why was Harlan Ellison fired from Disney? And, are the utilidors used for nefarious purposes? YOU tell ME!!!!

And don’t forget to check out Tairy’s new podcast here. And thanks to Nicole for the, um, interesting mix of Minnie’s Yoo Hoo that is our opening today!

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TDC #12: Feminist Disney Guys

In this episode, we discuss our favorite and least favorite male Disney characters from a feminist perspective. We also chat about a well-traveled Ewok, over lunch at Le Cellier.

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Last week we referenced Ted Nugent…this week, we may well have just become the first Disney podcast to reference The Second Shift!

TDC #11: Disney’s California Adventure with Your Souvenir Guide

On this week’s episode, we chat about Disney’s California Adventure (and whatever else strikes our fancy) with Geoff Carter, of Your Souvenir Guide.

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Oh, and hey people…this one definitely wanders into PG-13 territory here and there, so remember, we never promised an iTunes clean rating!

TDC #9 – Velkommen!

Number 9. Number 9. Ok, random Beatles reference there. Now, moving right along..

From Norway to Marceline, The Cats are back, it’s summertime and the living is easy.  Join us this week as we discuss the delicious tidbits that are Norwegian cuisine, what a trip around Epcot’s World Showcase does and does not mean, and, of course, Borup (duh).

Also, our very first Meow Mix interviewee, Trace (from the state of which I am the mayor), tells Cat #2 all about ToonFest!

~Trace is our homeboy~


Take a listen, leave a comment on iTunes (if so moved) and send or post a comment here! Thanks to Jeff W. for his continued mixing and scratching capabilities, and DEFINITELY give a listen to last Friday’s AATM episode featuring the real life Belle!


UPDATE: Fabulous!!! I just pressed “publish” and realized I didn’t record the little intro – soooooooo after you press play, say softly to yourself: “This is Those Darn Cats, Episode #9 for July 9th, 2008”. Thank you for your support!

a friend for pal mickey?


So, you may know that we have all just returned from Star Wars Weekends 2008 – the #1 Cat and the Watchamacallit may NOT even be home yet as this podcast comes out… A good time was had by all (HOOOPLA!) – and we look forward to sharing many sounds and memories with all of you in the future – however, for this weeks episode, we share our own special version of “the trip report” – we found the elusive Terrace Noodle Station open for business!

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We came, we saw, we ate – we noted a disturbing lack of theming. Oh, and of course, we podcasted.

theming at the TTNS


  Disregard for theming during removal

 Dismay at theming removal

Episode 5: An Hour Alone in the Parks

Can you even imagine it, an hour in the Disney Park of your choosing, with just your closest friends and family? We do our best to imagine it, and consider the possibilities.

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Special thanks to Mike Fess for the super-awesome meow meow intro!


UPDATE: we have recieved some photographic evidence of the mystery fast passe/readmission passes.. first, from trace in texas, the one i was refferring to looks like this:                                                                   

                                                                                           this is jeff’s from iowa:










got any other ones to share?????                        😉 lisa