TDC #44: Guilty Pleasures

HSM Pep Rally

How do we start out at “Guilty Pleasures” and end up with “HSM Re-told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It?” Listen to the show, and find out!

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We also take a little spin on the Monorail, enjoy a Poetry Corner courtesy of our friend Jeff, and puzzle with Trace over Pal Mickey’s apparent neurological event at our Fish Are Friends, Not Food Meet at MouseFest 2008. Enjoy!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

Episode 6: Pal Mickey Fashion Needs

Lisa may be the more fashion-conscious of us two, but that doesn’t mean I’m without my own personal sense of style. Hence, my Pal Mickey’s got some fashion needs of his own.

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We also now have a new email address for listener feedback! Comments, feedback, or tidbits of random ephemera can be sent to us at And because Lisa set things up all matchy-matchy, you can now also reach us at our snazzy new addresses, and

And hey, while we’re talking about snazzy things…any of you podcasters out there want to share a little love? Jonathan Dichter (aka The Voice) made us a fabulous promo, which you can download here if you’re willing to give it a play on your show. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!