TDC#34 – (Disney) Resolutions for the New Year


Happy 2009, Everybody! On this weeks show, you will hear from some of our friends at the Mega Mouse Meet from Mousefest 2008 and The Cats discuss their Disney Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming year! Enjoy!

Audio you’ll hear includes words of wisdom from:


Happy New Year!

The Cats wish you a very happy and safe New Year from here and across the pond! Remember, we are taking a short break this week, but we’ll be back next Wednesday with more kitty kat goodness! In the meantime, here are a few MouseFest memories to enjoy!

TDC #32 (ARE WE REALLY UP TO 32????) – MouseFesting!


me and my bff

So, i just got back yesterday afternoon, Jennifer last night… and boy, are our arms tired! Heh! In any event, here’s a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ to tide you over till we can blog and podcast indepth about the Fest that was MouseFest 2008!


Steve gives new meaning to "Drag yourself to the dead center..."

TDCs #29 So Darn Thankful!


In addition to those some of those everyday, mundane things many of us are thankful for, like oh, I don’t know, stem cell research, friendship, reasonably good health, pets and a roof over our heads, the Cats are also thankful for REALLY important things like:

  • Let’s get small with Miracles from Molecules!
  • Family – from the Whatchamacallit to Cousin Betsy (and others whose names have been changed to protect the innocent), they remind us of from whence we come and show us that Disney truly is “a family problem”…
  • Cous Cous!
  • zkj you know who!
  • Michael Eisner
  • The auditory stylings of one Jeff W.
  • Theming!
  • MouseFest 2008!
  • Satchmo!

On a serious note, We hope this holiday holds some good times for you and yours.

TDCS #28: The Lisa Show!

When Cat #1’s away, Cat #2 shall play? That’s probably what you all will be thinking after listening to this week’s show….. In my own defense, I’d first like to say that the wacky (and somewhat profane) audio snippets you hear ARE indeed actual Disneyana – yes, that’s really Jack Wagner -The Voice of Disney -and Paul Frees (I think) (who i always confuse with Stan Freberg, but I digress) talking crazy and dropping the occasional F-bomb on those Disney bits interspersed through out the show… Actually maybe it is all Jack!!

pirate  Then, I have the pleasure of talking with the Matt Hochberg about the Disney cruising experience! MouseFest is nearing – will you be on the cruise as well?

Finally, in a monumentous moment digitally captured forever, our Jennifer sets aside the lumbar pack… for now!!!!


TDC #26: MouseFest or Bust!

We are very proud to be Underwriting Sponsors of MouseFest 2008! And of course you know we’ve got some meets planned…and some other peoples’ meets to get to….and of course there’s the MegaMouse Meet….oh what the heck, we’ve just gotta point you at the whole MouseFest schedule!

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We do hope that those of you who are headed to MouseFest will join us for our Those Darn Cats meets:

Friday, December 12
“Fish are Friends, Not Food” Finding Nemo the Musical Meet with Those Darn Cats
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom (In the “Finding Nemo, The Musical” queue)

Please join Those Darn Cats for “Finding Nemo – the Musical.” Look for the Cats in line outside the theater and we will take in the first showing of this amazing musical together!

Exact time TBA, but anticipate attending the first show, and meeting in line ~ 11:00 am (for an 11:30 show).

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

RSVP requested but not required (please e-mail

Sunday, December 14
2nd Annual Girls Ride Out Haunted Mansion Meet
Time: 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Location: Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square, outside the Haunted Mansion Queue )

Join the Cats outside the Haunted Mansion for a thrilling, chilling adventure through the Haunted Mansion! Everyone is invited, but this morning, Ladies ride first!

No RSVP is necessary, but don’t forget to bring your…death certificate!!!!!!

Hosts: Jennifer and Lisa / Those Darn Cats

No RSVP necessary

And hey, as of this writing it looks like it’s not too late to register for MouseFest. You don’t have to register to attend…but registration does have some special benefits. We hope to see you in December!