TDC#27: Listener Feedback

It’s our second listener feedback show! This week we read some letters, talk to the Watchamacallit about High School Musical 3, announce a third Those Darn Cats MouseFest Meet, and throw in a couple classic Disneyland radio ads.

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After listening to the Watchamacallit’s comments, you can be sure that Jennifer’s gonna go to the HSM3 pep rally at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during MouseFest, so that he doesn’t have to suffer through attending it with her next time they’re at WDW together!

And hey Jon: Jennifer forgot to say that no, she’s never seen Where the Red Fern Grows…. but now she knows not to! (Hey Lisa, have you seen it?) And she couldn’t find a picture of the tiny little people from Mulholland Drive…but please trust her, they are super creepy!

TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

We are so very grateful that you kind folks listen to our podcast! On this week’s show, we discuss your comments on our show #12, on Disney male characters from a feminist perspective.

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Also, a special shout-out tonight to Donna/chica and Trace for posting reviews to iTunes. Thanks very much, we appreciate your kind words!

And hey, can anybody out there tell me which well-known, well-loved podcaster can be heard singing Minnie’s Yoo Hoo at the start of today’s show? Yeah, I thought you could.

We are always super-glad to hear from listeners…so don’t be shy people! Leave a comment here, send mail to, send a carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat. We’re always looking for topics for future shows, and always interested to hear your thoughts on whatever’s on your mind.