TDC #22 – On the Front Lines

I’m not sure why I love this cartoon so much…I only know I do. Minnie and Pluto saving their bacon grease to help the war effort? Gotta love that, especially when you know Mickey’s out there on the front lines.

In this week’s Those Darn Cats, Jennifer discusses Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines with Collateral Damage, a military history expert, who also happens to be her spouse. (The Wachamacallit chimes in now and then, of course!)

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We also enjoy a random little moment of live park audio…and birthday wishes for our own dear Lisa! In fact, we kinda sorta gave her the week off, given that it’s her birthday and all….but not to worry, she’ll be back next week for sure.

Of course, it would be way more fun to wish her Happy BIrthday in person, back at the Crystal Palace with that fabulous CM Jack!

Memories, light the corners of my mind…..

And hey, you did catch that fabulous intro, right? Once again, by none other than our great friend Jeff W! Head on over to Lisa’s DisFriends page, and you can watch the even-more-fabulous Rebel Briefing Film Strip version! Continue reading

TDC #20 – Kungaloosh! Hoopla!

Photo by shammond42, found on Flickr and redistributed here through the Creative Commons License

Photo by shammond42, redistributed here through the Creative Commons License

Wasn’t it just last week we were bidding a sad farewell to DisFriends? But alas, now we say goodbye to Adventurers Club. Lisa and I are especially sad that we never went! But our friend Geoff Carter of Your Souvenir Guide was kind enough to share with us about his happy times there.

We also bring in a whole other kind of hoopla – Hyperspace Hoopla! Lisa captured some live park audio last June at Star Wars Weekends, so we can do a little hyperspace hustle.

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Photo by The Official Star Wars Blog, redistributed here through Creative Commons License

Photo by The Official Star Wars Blog, redistributed here through Creative Commons License

Now, one particular little note: Despite Jennifer’s best attempts, she did not find any evidence of the Kungaloosh Salute on YouTube! So hey, is there anybody out there willing to record a little salute from the privacy of their own home, and send us a link to the video?

And hey, as it turns out DisFriends won’t be shutting down after all: Check out this message on the site from Trent! Woo hoo! So hey, can we work a little magic here and get Adventurers Club back too?

Also following up on last week’s show….our buddy Hayden dropped me a note with a little technical tip, and I created a basic Those Darn Cats page on FaceBook. I haven’t figured out how to link to it directly…but if you’re on FaceBook, just search for Those Darn Cats and you’ll find us!

TDC#18: A Room of Minnie’s Own

Minnie's to-do list, found on Costanza13's Flickr stream

oes your to-do list look anything like this? If so, then honey, you need to get out more often!!

This week, our friend Eliyanna joins us for a feminist critique of Minnie Mouse’s Country House, with its diet cookies and Cosmousepolitan and all.

She also pointed us to the Minnie’s Country House page at Researching Disney History: Observations, a web site that is now on Jennifer’s must-read list.

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Oh, and about that song Femininity…while Lisa is already a font of Haley Mills knowledge, Jennifer really must watch Summer Magic, because she is curious how it all plays out.  How much is tongue-in-cheek, and how much is for real? This YouTube clip gives some context, but clearly she needs more.

Sigh….as if the Netflix queue wasn’t already long enough, what with all those gory Japanese thrillers and all! At least there is no need to watch tear-jerkers, like Old Yeller or Grave of the Fireflies.

And oh yeah, about that funky boogie train? If you have no idea what Jennifer and the Wachamacallit were talking about, Broke Hoedown’s got you covered.

(And say, did anybody else just lose the game?)

UPDATE: Lisa here – i have never even heard that crazy song! Love the video – on the tip of goofy femininity, I thought I’d throw Ann-Margret into the mix too!! Here’s hoping Minnie and Daisey are also having as much fun with it as Ann and Hayley!! 🙂

TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

We are so very grateful that you kind folks listen to our podcast! On this week’s show, we discuss your comments on our show #12, on Disney male characters from a feminist perspective.

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Also, a special shout-out tonight to Donna/chica and Trace for posting reviews to iTunes. Thanks very much, we appreciate your kind words!

And hey, can anybody out there tell me which well-known, well-loved podcaster can be heard singing Minnie’s Yoo Hoo at the start of today’s show? Yeah, I thought you could.

We are always super-glad to hear from listeners…so don’t be shy people! Leave a comment here, send mail to, send a carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat. We’re always looking for topics for future shows, and always interested to hear your thoughts on whatever’s on your mind.

TDC#14: Disney-fication!

Have you looked at the airport security line and wished for a FastPass? Well sir, you just may be suffering from Disney-fication, the topic of this week’s show.

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Also this week, we’re glad to bring you a ride through of the Hershey’s Chocolate World Chocolate Tour, recorded the day after MagicMeets. We had an alarming amount of fun on that attraction…so much so, that we wished we could take you all along with us! It’s also only fair to warn you: The attraction’s main theme is a disturbingly catchy ear worm, which you’re likely to find yourself humming, whether you like it or not. Sort of like, oh, this little boat ride I’ve been on a few times, featuring tiny little children with unfortunate joint problems, doomed to sing the same song over and over and over again.

I also must say, Lisa might think I am a bit mentally unstable. This is of course for many reasons, but not the least of them being the fact that I swear the last time I was at Hershey’s Chocolate World, there was a singing chef making custom cupcakes. So hey, Lisa, here’s that picture again, just to reassure you I’m still (perhaps tenuously) still grasping reality, at least by some measure of that word.

UPDATE: check out the visuals for the ride through here –! Courtesy of the Northern Mouse Podcast! Thanks, Carlos!

those @!$@!&% cats!

well, to either great consternation or relief – we know we will find out which soon 😉 – and due to our wacky travel schedules this week, we elected to hold back – yes, tantalize our loyal listeners for just another week before we put out another “semi-” lost episode ot TDC. trust me, it’s another nutty one – sure to get lots of comments and/or strange looks. but used to this we are….

in the meantime, we personally are still reeling from guesting on AATM last friday – especially the work of those nutty sound guys, jeff and mike! i mean wow! all i know is, i’m rededicating myself to the force and getting me a light saber @SWW! um, y’all heard i get to go to SWW, right???? i know, i know, don’t get cocky, kid.

and again, send us any suggestions etc.. as we gear up (read: learn to work audacity) and get ready for our debut! per suggestions, i have procured an email address for the podcast (just got to figure out how to link that thing correctly!) and am looking into a voicemail. although, after the hours of “mongello!” and “i’m mongellin’ like a fellon” that one night during chat over at the mouseguest boards produced (eric was not amused), i do fear for voicemail revenge….

over and out!

Those Darn Cats Talk Star Wars on All About the Mouse

How awesome are Bryan and Jonathan? Awesome enough that they welcomed us onto their show this week to talk about Star Wars, one of our favorite subject. I am especially tickled and flattered that their intro refers to us as “mistresses of enchantment and chaos.” It was super-fun to talk about Star Wars with such cool geeky guys!

Jonathan and Brian, thanks so much for having us on the show! Everybody, you gotta go listen to it . . . the intro is in fact quite stellar, and of course we had so much fun talking with these guys that I do believe it should be fun to listen to, as well.