TDC# 147 Mysterious Phone Calls or “Here’s That Dr. Pepper You Tweeted About!”

Cat #2 has been getting some surprising phone calls. And still spending too much time in her happy/cranky place….. Here is the before and after on the DFTW “Money Shot”. Exhibit A:


Note: tumor at two o’clock, garbage crew at three and happy shiny people entering Cindy’s castle on their way to a fairytale breakfast (I was shocked it actually looks as empty as it does!).

Now, Exhibit B:


The kind folks at Disney Fine Art Photography cured  Trace’s tumor and Lisa’s crude use of iPhoto editing blurred out the park goers and cast members.

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TDC#142 Collecting Habits

On this episode, the Cats discuss their newest Disney Ephemera collections – Cat #2 has a new shrine!

elusive glow-in-the-dark tinkerbell wand of my youth purchased for WAY too much money on eBay

Also, check out the crafty handiwork of Cat #1 here and here!

TDC #141: Wedding Planning Tips

Mad Tea Party Wedding Cake

Lisa and Trace had an amazing, beautiful Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. And it took a whole lot of work to make it happen! This week, Lisa shares her tips for planning weddings, with a special (but not exclusive!) focus on Disney weddings.

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