TDC# 186 Lisa Rambles

Well folks, it’s happened – the TDC show well ran dry! But have no fear, loyal listeners, Cat #2 has a few ramblings to share, we’ll take a bye next week and be back February 15th with an all new extravaganza!

In the meantime, here’s what’s on Cat #2’s mind:


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TDC#81 Return to TTNS (with pics!)

HEAR the surprise when they discover the Noodle Terrace is open for business!

FEEL the thrill when Extra Special 3-D Theming is discovered!

SEE it all in lifelike One Dimensional Tiny Pictures!


While Cat #2 and a certain Disney Dude are cruising the high seas, and Cat #1 is preparing to leave for the Non-MFer, we give you this blast from the past….. with a little help from the evil Maggie. And to celebrate the holiday season, let’s listen to a little David Sedaris. Enjoy!