Past Shows Archive

Are you really sure you want to hear more? Well, all right…here are links to our past shows, for your downloading pleasure:

Show #305: When Your Phone Game Ends….What Next? Free Disney phone games don’t seem to stick around long.

Show #304: Marathon Weekend Planning Part 2. The adventure continues.

Show #303: Marathon Weekend Planning. Jennifer’s running her first Disney race in January 2015. Let the planning begin!

Show #302: A Pride Of Topics. WALL-E! Snowpiercer! Sharknado 2: The Other One!

Show #301: Dirty Laundry. We’re not being catty. We’re actually talking about laundry, on vacation.

Show #300: Maleficent. Jennifer’s finally seen it! The Cats discuss.

Show #299: Alaskan Soundbites and Disney Trivia. The title’s pretty self-explanatory, we think.

Show #298: Back From Alaska. Lisa’s back, and with so much to tell!

Show #297: North To Alaska. Lisa’s ready to cruise!

Show #296: Run, Disney, Run! Jennifer’s signed up for her first runDisney race!

Show #295: May The Fourth. Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars . . .

Show #294: Indiana Jones Exhibit. From the National Geographic show touring the US and Canada.

Show #293: First World Purse Problems. Lisa’s adventures in Dooneyland.

Show #292: Fast Pass + Confusion = This Week’s Show. Not happy.

Show #291: Convention Report. Jennifer reports back from Anime Boston, and talks about the upcoming PAX East and ConnectiCon.

Show #290: Disney Covers – Episode 1. Music music music!

Show #289: Themed Spa Ideas. Day spas we’d like to see at Disney Parks.

Show #288: A Panoply of Topics. So many thoughts!

Show #287: Stitch Anime. At the suggestion of Grim Noir, we watch a little more Stitch Based Entertainment, this time from Japan.

Show #286: Project Runway Disney Edition, with Jeff W. No capes!

Show #285: Frozen in the World? What would it be like if it really snowed on Lake Buena Vista?

Show #284: Push it Real Good. Recorded when we thought PUSH was staying, produced when we knew he wasn’t. :(

Show #283: Alaska Excursions. Lisa’s going on an Alaskan Disney Cruise! What expeditions will she choose?

Show #282: Back of the Pack. We talk running, especially (but not exclusively) Disney races.

Show #281: Stitch Based Entertainment. We discuss the plethora of SBE.

Show #280: Saving Mr. Banks. A spoiler-rich discussion.

Show #279: Christmas Wrap-Up, Six Flags Discussion. Christmas is over, but we’ve still got a bit to talk about! Also, Lisa went to Six Flags. Wonder if she liked it?

Show #278: Reunited 2013. Jennifer recounts her Top 7 Highlights from WDW Today Reunion 2013. Sadly, they don’t include seeing Lisa, as her flight got cancelled by an ice storm!

Show #277: Frozen and the Bechdel Test. Lisa thinks it’s fine they made that film. Jennifer gives a little detail on the origins of the test.

Show #276: Gratitude. We’re not always bitter, you know.

Show #275: The New Mickey Cartoons and @$*&! MDE. We don’t like MyDisneyExperience. But we most certainly DO like the new Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Show #274: Escape from Tomorrow. Jennifer watched the movie. She probably doesn’t recommend that you do the same.

Show #273: Simply Mad About the Mouse. Jennifer and Greg talk about this 90s-tastic collection of music videos.

Show #272: The Very Last ToT Trip Report (We Promise). Live audio from the parks, and strange missives from a cat named Snowball.

Show #271: ToT Trip Report. More about Lisa’s birthday trip to Walt Disney World for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Show #270: ToT Recap. On this week’s show, Lisa is joined by Amanda, Intro Guys (Jeff and Mike) and Antay to recap the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Show #269: Disney Infinity, Parks, and Privacy. Jonathan Dichter joins us again, talking about the new Disney video game and some possible implications.

Show #268: Jonathan’s Alaskan Cruise. One of the former co-hosts of the All About the Mouse podcast joins us to relate his recent experience.

Show #267: Reunion Again! The meets schedule has been released. Huzzah!

Show #266: Magic Bands and Bryan Ripper. One of the former co-hosts of the All About the Mouse podcast joins us to relate his recent experience.

Show #265: ToT Trip Planning. Travel and training and costumes, oh my!

Show #264: Salute to Cast Members. Many of our happiest memories from Disney Parks involve Cast Members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Show #263: T23! In our fantasy world, Disney’s building a theme park in Texas. Lisa shares details.

Show #262: We Don’t Care. We can’t get worked up about Disney Infinity, or about Raven Symone’s coming out as a lesbian (though we totally support her in doing so). But we talk about them anyway.

Show #261: Lisa’s Odds and Ends. Jennifer’s away! So Lisa plays music and chats about Disney stuff.

Show #260: Budget Trips. Because we may dream like Princesses, but who can really afford that lifestyle?

Show #259: TEEN BEACH MOVIE!!!! Lisa is sharing her excitement over the recent Teen Beach Movie from the Disney Channel and playing a little music from the movie.

Show #258: Luxury Trip Fantasies. What’s the most luxurious Walt Disney World trip we can imagine taking? We can dream, can’t we?

Show #257: The Tiki Event Part II. More live audio from the 50th Anniversary event for Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.

Show #256: Trace’s Tiki Adventure. A trip report from Trace’s journey to the 50th Anniversary event for Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, plus some live audio from the event.

Show #255: It’s Fine That They Made That. Lisa damns Monsters University with faint praise. Plus we chatter about stuff.

Show #254: Future Pixar Films. We judge them strictly by the info on the Pixar web site “upcoming” page.

Show #253: Reunion 2013. We’re planning our trips to WDW Today Reunion 2013. There is no need to panic.

Show #252: 50 Years of the Tiki Room! Trace is going to TikiFest. We’re celebrating at home.

Show #251: (More) Disney in the News. A roundup of current Disney news stories.

Show #250: Odds and Ends. Some Disney stuff, but mostly we talk about party outfits and personal grooming logistics for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Show #249: Merida Makeover.Who made over Merida? What do we think of her new look? Did Disney back down after the Internet freaked out?

Show #248: Alice. The Minnie Minxes join us for an enthusiastic discussion of all things Alice in Wonderland.

Show #247: Limited Time Magic. What do we think of this promotion?

Show #246: OSHA and The World. Jennifer reviewed a set of reports from OSHA, and finds some strange disparities between the Disneyland and Walt Disney World results.

Show #245: Racing Vents. We’re not entirely happy with runDisney these days, because capitalism.

Show #244: Reverse Disney Trivia Quiz. Goofy is the answer. What was the question?

Show #243: Survey Says . . . Star Wars. Lisa got an interesting survey from Disney Parks recently.

Show #242: Hershey Hershey Hershey. So many things to learn about the man, and the town!

Show #241: Trains. Walt loved trains, and other types of track-based public transit.

Show #240: Disney Food Myths. Andy Jackson joins Lisa for a lively discussion.

Show #239: Name Badges. We discuss name badges used by Disney Parks over the years.

Show #238: Brave vs. Wreck It Ralph. How do the two compare? Was either deserving of the Academy Award for Best Animated Film? Lisa’s happy with the outcome.

Show #237: Romantic Ideas in the World. Title kind of speaks for itself, yo.

Show #236 Rate Us Filthy? Go to iTunes and rate us, won’t you?

Show #235: Disney Douches? Adam the Woo, Escape from Tomorrow: Are they behaving badly? Also some side notes about RFIDs.

Show #234: DCL Magic Trip Report. Lisa recaps her recent 8 night Magic cruise

Show #233: DCL’s Art of Entertaining Series. Chef Nicholas and Chef Brenton demonstrating how to make signature items from DCL’s Magic – Palo’s Oregano and Parmesan Crusted Rack of Lamb and a great Apple Strudel with Creme Anglaise from the bakery. And more!

Show #232: Trip Planning Issues. Is it better to plan months in advance, or book a trip last minute? Either way, you’re going on vacation so that can’t be all bad.

Show #231: Hopes for 2013. We have plans! A cruise, some movies, probably some time in the Parks . . . lots to look forward to.

Show #230: Post-Vacation Blues (or Don’t Eat Your Jewelry). Some people book cruises, some people eat jewelry, some people don’t even know what to do.

Show #229: Holiday Favorites. A few of our favorite things, mostly at Disney World. We also play some music from Disneyland Paris.

Show #228: The Belle Experience. We review Enchanted Tales with Belle. Also, fuck the Main Street Bakery. Go Team Starbucks!

Show #227: Reunited and It Feels So Good. Live audio from our trip to WDW Today Reunion 2012.

Show #226: Dragons and Food. Not together, mind you. We talk about #BelieveInFantasy, and the new Mickey Check.

Show #225: Picture This! Do you take a lot of pictures? How do you organize them?

Show #224: The Saga Continues? Disney bought Lucasfilm. We have opinions!!

Show #223.5: Happy Halloween! A surprise tidbit of Haunted Mansion happiness.

Show #223: Haters (Us) Gonna Hate. It’s not all joy and pixie dust, people.

Show #222: Disney Marvel Theme Park. It’s being built, in Dubai.

Show #221: Villains Theme Park Ideas. We could talk about this all day! With the Watchamacallit.

Show #220: Reunion 2012. Be there or be square! Or actually, both would be fine. We’re nerds.

Show #219: Finding Nemo Again. We discuss the 3D release of Finding Nemo. And is there any other movie that has so many attractions in the Parks?

Show #218: DCA Trip Report. So, what does Lisa think of Cars Land and the rest of the DCA makeover?

Show #217: DL Half Marathon Trip Report. Lisa tells you about her coast-to-coast marathon experience.

Show #216: Imagineering Fantasyland. A talk Trace recorded on the Disney Fantasy by Imagineer Chris Beatty – all about the updated Fantasyland and some of the “final tweaks” being made!

Show #215: A Fantasy Vacation. Lisa and Trace had a wonderful time on the Disney Fantasy!

Show #214: Changing Clothes at the American Pavilion? We take an idea from the guys at WDW Today and discuss the potential upcoming costume changes to EPCOT’s American Pavilion.

Show #213 (how do we do it?): We’re On a Boat! Lisa and Trace prepare for cruising and answer a few questions.

Show #214 (yeah, we’re out of order): Welcome Back, Jennifer. Her dreams were her ticket out . . . No wait, it’s just a trip report!

Show #211: Extra Magic Hours Change. We don’t like it! But will it change our spending/travel habits?

Show #210: Random Updates. Rated V. Twice as random as usual. Fortified with references to feminine hygiene products.

Show #209: Solo Trips. Jennifer’s going to Disney World! Alone! But in this twitterpated world, is there any such thing as a solo trip?

Show #208: Disney Musicals. What exists? What would we like to exist?

Show #207: Be Brave! Go See It! Lisa loved it. Constantine hated it. Jennifer’s hiding in an undisclosed location.

Show #206: One Family’s Goodbye to Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, and terribly important that we do.

Show #205: Tips for Cruising Disney Style. First-timer? Lisa’s got the scoop for you.

Show #204: My Fair Middle Aged Ladies. David Tutera should take us to Disney World. Seriously.

Show #203: The Avengers Review. The Watchamacallit joins us for a review of this Disney movie.

Show #202: Jonathon Dichter and The DL Half. A former co-host of All About the Mouse joins Lisa for a discussion of the upcoming Disneyland Half Marathon.

Show #201: A Lazy Day Touring Plan? We enjoy this new approach from our friends at The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Show #200: Disneyland 1976. What better way to celebrate our 200th episode than reminiscing about Disneyland in the 70s?

Show #199: Feedback-A-Palooza! We love to hear from our listeners!

Show #198: Star Wars Land? We share our opinions on the rumored new land coming to Disneyland Paris.

Show #197: Big Brian Bingo! Brian sends the sort of listener feedback that fully deserves its very own episode!

Show #196: NOLA. Lisa reports back on her trip to New Orleans, with a special focus on the Disney connections.

Show #195: Disney Talismans? Some days Jennifer won’t leave the house without her Club 33 bracelet. Got any good luck charms of your own?

Show #194: Those Old Cats? We start talking about progressive lenses and somehow it just goes from there.

Show #193: Improved But Not New. We play archair imagineer and talk about attractions we’d like to see updated, but not TOO much.

Show #192: Trace’s Marceline Adventure. Trace reports back to Lisa on a D23 event in Walt’s favorite hometown.

Show #191: Stroller vs. Scooter. Because sometimes walking around the parks just isn’t an option. For real.

Show #190: Princess Half Marathon Wrap Up with Andy & Bonnie. We have very athletic friends.

Show #189.5: One More Show? Then It’s Country Bears!

Show #189: HK Disneyland Hotel (aka the Overlook). We’ve never been! But our friend Joel knows all.

Show #188: Downtown Disneys. We do enjoy a little shopping now and then.

Show #187: Jeff and Colleen Roney from OUATFPodcast. If you’re watching Once Upon a Time, this podcast’s for you. And by “this podcast,” we mean the one Jeff and Colleen do.

Show #186: Mixed Bag. Jennifer’s on a brief hiatus. Lisa rambles.

Show #185: Disney Misconceptions and Book Club Announcement. We’re reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, available for free as it’s in the public domain (yay Project Gutenberg).

Show #184: The Marathon Weekend Recap 2012. Run Lisa run!!

Show #183: Toy Story Toons. Those cute Pixar shorts before Cars 2 and The Muppet Movie? Yeah.

Show #182: Pre-Half Chit Chat and TMT. How did we go on a tangent about ticket media in the middle of a show about the WDW Half Marathon? Somehow these things just happen.

Show #181: Reunion Recap. Jennifer reports back to Lisa about WDW Today Reunion, All Ears December to Remember, and a Touring Plans meet.

Show #180: Random Randomness. Hoo boy. When we say it’s random, you know it’s really random.

Show #179: Listener Comments. We’re glad you’re still listening!

Show #178: Are You a Fan or a Muppet (Hater)? So, what did we think of The Muppets? Inquiring minds want to know.

Show #177: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Jennifer’s going! Lisa gives advice!

Show #176: Happy Anniversary! A discussion of two beloved movie anniversaries along with the usual derailments, and more foul language and adult subject matter than you might expect.

Show #175: Fan Meets. We are fans. We like to meet people.

Show #174: Uterus and Pillow Show. Menopause and merchandise!

Show #173: Superpowers. We are busy girls! We need magical powers, stat.

Show #172: Club 33 Tips and “Marceline” Film Info. Because we are Cats of high culture!

Show #171: Spinning Disney’s World – The Book Club Discussion. Because reading is fundamental!

Show #170: Intervention. Has someone gone just a little too far?

Show #169: Disney Dream Re-visited. What did Lisa and Trace think of their second trip on this new ship?

Show #168: Germany. Mezzo Mix in the wild! Donald Duck in the men’s magazine section! Jennifer’s trip report.

Show #167: The Trace Pace Touring Plan Challenge Finale. What happened after that phone call???

Show #166: The Trace Pace Touring Plan Challenge Part 1. Lisa and Trace give touring plans a whirl.

Show #165: Ub Iwerks. If you love Mickey Mouse, you gotta give this guy props.

Show #164: The “Pooh Sized” Controversy. Are we fat-positive? What about health? And why not “Ursula-sized?”

Show #163: Refillable Controversy. RFID chips in WDW refillable mugs? Panic!!

Show #162: Cat Medley. A virtual potpourri of topics!

Show #161: Meets and Marathons. We’re going to Disney World!

Show #160: Disney Universe. Are we impressed by this upcoming video game?

Show #159: Disney Dogs! Because, well, we’re dog people.

Show #158: My Yard Goes Disney! Lisa’s got a green thumb. Jennifer? Meh.

Show #157: POTC 4: On Stranger Tides. Discussion of the film, including Blandy McBlanderson and his fishy girlfriend.

Show #156: The Step-parent Trap. Would YOU want to be the mother of Crush’s children?

Show #155: Mermaids. Somehow those Mermaid Transformation Packages just send us over the edge. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Show #154: Burnout Recovery. Because even Cats need a break from the Mouse now and then.

Show #153: Listener Topics. You all sure come up with good questions!

Show #152: C’mon Ride the Lillibelle! Because you know Walt loved trains.

Show #151: Lemonade Mouth. Jennifer and the Watchamacallit review this new Disney Channel movie.

Show #150: Finding Elmo! Keep your eye out for this Sesame Street documentary.

Show #149: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. The inaugural meeting of the Those Darn Cats book club!

Show #148: Touring Plans and Lines. Because we’re big fans of Testaville!

Show #147: Mysterious Phone Calls or “Here’s That Dr. Pepper You Were Tweeting About!” When does social media marketing go too far?

Show #146: Traveling with a Teen. It’s a whole new world!

Show #145: Leibovitz Dream Portraits. We have opinions!

Show #144: Disney Trip Planning Must Do’s. Including our favorite mobile apps.

Show #143: Space Mountain Saved My Life. Our friend Hayden’s unexpected stay at Celebration Hospital.

Show #142: Collecting Habits. Ebay, etsy, Dooney & Bourke, way too many handbags!

Show #141: Wedding Planning Tips. Not for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Only!

Show #140: A “Dream” of a Honeymoon. Lisa and Trace report back on the Disney Dream’s Inaugural voyage.

Show #139: A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Trip Report. Starring Mr. and Mrs. Cat #2!

Show #138: Ponyo and Miyazaki. Haaaaaammmm!

Show #137: The Wedding Show. It’s a tearjerker, with lots of music. Bring tissues.

Show #136: Epic Tron. Epic Mickey and Tron Legacy: Threat or menace?

Show #135: A Book Club and Voice Mails! Pretty much what it sounds like.

Show #134: Reflectrions of Xmas Past. Or maybe reflections instead, who knows?

Show #133: A Little Holiday Music. For real this time, not just to fake Lisa out so she didn’t know Jennifer had a virtual bridal shower planned.

Show #132: Surprise! It’s a bridal shower for Lisa, featuring many friends and fellow podcasters. And honestly, she didn’t know about it until she heard the show herself.

Show #131: Disney and the Future. Geoff Carter and Constantine von Hoffman join us for a spirited discussion of the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday.

Show #130: A Tangle of Tangents. Disney weddings themed to the new movie, Tangled? You heard it here first, through Lisa’s prediction.

Show #129: A Little Help? No, we don’t need money . . . we need topic ideas! And you can help!

Show #128: Giving Thanks. Because even when we’re bitter, we’re thankful.

Show #127: The New Disney Stores – Now With Interactivity!! And no, Jennifer’s not bitter that Boston doesn’t have one yet. Not at all.

Show #126: Princes! Are you really surprised to hear that the Watchamacallit has some issues with Disney Prince characters? No? We didn’t think so.

Show #125: Wedding Forum Woes. Lisa has developed some opinions on message boards. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Show #124 (again): Interactive Queues. Threat or menace? And yeah, we called it show #124 because Jennifer counted wrong, and didn’t double-check the spreadsheet.

Show #124: A Beauty and the Beast Sing Along! Live event audio from the recent theatrical release.

Show #123: MORE Listener Feedback. Moar! Moar! Moar!!!!

Show #122: The American Adventure. Ready for some intellectual discourse and a whole lotta constructive criticism?

Show #121: What we learned. Jennifer and the Watchamacallit get back from a somewhat challenging trip to Walt Disney World, and can’t resist sharing what they learned, no matter how sleep-deprived they may be.

Show #120: Disney Handbag Dish. Because we do so love handbags!

Show #119: Giant Pocky, Andy and Food & Wine – Oh My!! Mmmmmm. . . Pocky.

Show #118: Peoplemover Returns! Sort of. In name only. But we do lover the TTA.

Show #117: Midlife Crisis! Can Disney movies help?

Show #116: Model Kids of the OC. This is a sad one, about economic disparities that many of us are concerned about. One positive takeaway? Be kind to Cast Members! And tip them if you can!

Show #115: Summerfest Alice Adventure. Lisa and Trace discuss the Summerfest events at the Gaylord Texan.

Show #114: The Wedding Planning Session episode. You’ve heard that Lisa’s getting married, right?

Show #113: Toy Story 3 Redux. Sure, Jennifer and her family chimed in on Toy Story 3 before, but now Lisa and Trace have seen it too! And one of them even stayed awake the whole time.

Show #112: Prince Charming Carrousel. Strangely enough, this one’s kinda off-color.

Show #111: Parisian Pirates En Parade! That pretty much says it, actually.

Show #110: TDL Event Music and Europe in the Air!! Because yes, sometimes we go places other than Disney parks. Don’t tell anyone.

Show #109: Toy Story 3. Jennifer and her family loved it, and want to tell you more.

Show #108: The Dish on Club 33. Food! Polo shirts! Confusing toilet seats! And more!

Show #107: Gay Days at Disney Parks. Curious about this annual event? Here’s your chance to find out what the gay have to say about it!

Show #106: Listener Feedback. Seriously? People keep listening to us! Rock on! And keep those cards and letters coming.

Show #105: Tokyo Disney’s Land & Sea and the PassPorter’s Wedding Guide. Featuring Carrie Hayward, author of PassPorter’s Disney Weddings and Honeymoons.

Show #104: Disneyland Trip Report – Enhanced Podcast. An hour of scintillating park audio and trip report from Lisa’s recent Westfest trip.

Show #103: Talking to Kraftland. A wild ride of an interview with Richard Kraft, Adam Shell, and Stacy J. Aswad (yes, THAT Stacy) to discuss their fabulous documentary, Finding Kraftland.

Show #102: Updates to Toy Story Mania. We’ve got opinions. And tangents.

Show #101: THIS SHOW IS 101! Yeah, and it’s weirder than usual. Jack Wagner outtakes, Mickey singing Let’s Go Fly a Kite, and a recording of the Cats circa 1980 are among the strange gems.

Show #100: Critical Discourse Among the Disney Digerati. Because you know, it actually does exist.

Show #99: Finding Kraftland. Because you have to watch this documentary, if only you can find it!

Show #98: Even More Listener Feedback. Who knew you all were actually listening to us?!!? Thanks!! You’ve got some cool things to say.

Show #97: April 1 edition. So sue us.

Show #96: Music to Wedding By. Because Lisa’s going to the chapel, and she’s gonna get married!

Show #95: Listener Feedback. Yeah, our listeners are as crazy as we are. Here’s proof.

Show #94: Re-imagineering Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. How on earth did we forget KISS?

Show #93: A Greater Movie Ride? We’ve got ideas. And opinions on Linda Hamilton, come to think of it.

Show #92: Bridezilla Attacks! Not really. Just sorta.

Show #91: Disney and Dating – Do or Don’t? Our friends Tairy and Meghan join us for a lively discussion!

Show #90: Lines. Henry Work of gives us the inside scoop!

Show #89.5: All the Single Riders video!

Show #89: That Darn Carlos! Live audio from our Girls Ride Out meet in December of 2009.

Show #88: WDW Wedding Planning. Lisa and Trace are getting married! And yes, the wedding will likely be at Disney.

Show #87: Baby, It’s Cold Outside. That WDW Marathon in the snow? Brrr!!

Show #86: The Princess, the Frog, and Toy Story Midway Mania. Do you sense a theme?

Show #85: Epic Mickey, Toy Story Mania, and Life Day! That pretty much says it.

Show #84: Another Lisa Show! And pretty darn hard to summarize.

Show #83: Happy Holidays! Lotsa tunes.

Show #82: Fan Meets Recap. We had a great time with our friends, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Show #81: Return to TTNS! A re-run of show #7, with a couple added features.

Show #80: The NonMFer Preview. More about those December fan meets!

Show #79: Posh Disney! What’s worth the bucks, what isn’t.

Show #78: Video Games and Gawdawful Music. We talk about a couple Disney video games, and listen to some truly scary tracks from Disney Dance Dance Revolution.

Show #77: It’s Kim Possible! Enjoy live audio from the Kim Possible Adventure with us.

Show #Tambourines, Drums, Candles and Wicks! This is episode 76! (And yeah, you guessed the topic right.)

Show #75: Two More Days at Disneyland Paris. Good lord, will the live audio ever stop???

Show #74: A Day at Disneyland Paris. Jennifer and the Watchamacallit have all kinds of live audio to share with you!

Show #73: The Fest That Dare Not Speak Its Name! Yes, we’re going to Disney fan gatherings at Walt Disney World in December. NO, they are NOT MouseFest!

Show #72: Animagique! Jennifer reassures Lisa that it’s not too scary, and then we listen to a live recording of this charming show from Walt Disney Studios Paris.

Show #71: Those Scurvy Monkeys and Voicemail Show. It’s kinda scary, actually. But you might pee yourself laughing.

Show #70: How to Not Suck at Disneyland Paris. Jennifer and the Watchamacallit have a few tips!

Show #69: Talking to Rich. Lisa interviews Rich O, a listener with some seriously awesome Disney memories, and then we listen to a Phantom Manor ride through.

Show #68: More D23 Mishaps, In the Mode. Lisa’s having a fashion moment! And not too happy about her collectible patch from D23.

Show #67: Connecticon 2009. There’s plenty of room for all kinds of weirdos in this big, geeky convention! Maybe you even belong too? Sometimes we even talk about Disney.

Show #66: Country, Curry, and Zombie Yodeling. ‘Nuf said.

Show #65: A New Fantasyland? What About Boys? Somehow we, including the Watchamacallit, can’t get worked up about there not being enough stuff for the masculine types at Disney Parks.

Show #64: Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Devon Dawson! Cat #2 interviews the voice of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, from the album Woody’s Roundup.

Show #63: Carousel of Feminist Progress, in which we turn our sharp feline eyes to this classic attraction.

Show #62: PDA Redux. We revisit the topic of our most downloaded show ever: Are Public Displays of Affection acceptable at Disney Parks? Plus we end up on some pretty weird, and adult, tangents….don’t listen with the kids unless you want to explain what the Adam and Eve catalog is, ‘k?

Show #61: The 1964 World’s Fair. Yes, we’re both just a little too young to have been there. But there’s  some fabulously mod stuff available on the 5-CD box set about Disney’s involvement, plus some interesting stuff on the interwebs.

Show #60: A Trip Report, in which Lisa interviews a colleague who recently visited the World.

Show #59: Star Tours Two-Point-Noooooooo! We fear change. We also enjoy a little live parks audio of the Star Tours Droids pre-show, and another parody karaoke song, this time about Disney Podcasts.

Show #58: Happy BDay, Donald! Because sometimes it’s actually not all about the Mouse (sorry Bryan and Jonathan!).

Show #57: Disneyland Paris, Part Deux, in which Adam Goodger joins us again and advises Jennifer and the Watchamacallit about their Disneyland Paris hotel and restaurant options.

Show #56: Name That Earworm! Listen at your own risk.

Show #55: Disneyland Paris Attractions, in which we are joined by Adam Goodger of the Disney Brit Podcast.

Show #54: Go With the Flow: Jai and Randy Pausch, Lipgloss and Laptops, The Jackson 5 , Glee and tap dancing with Mark Hamill….

Show #53: Jonesing, Splashing, and Psychobilly. We talk about dealing with the Disney jones, Lisa rides Splash Mountain, and we listen to a little tune.

Show #52: Beaches and Cream. You’re gonna be hungry!

Show #51: Cranky Cranky Cranky!! Need I say more?

Show #50: Stacey, What Happened???? The unfortunate replacement of the Top Seven.

Show #49: Pintastic! John Rick joins us, from the Disney Pincast.

Show #48: Ryan in a Kilt, and Then Some. Jennifer’s at it again, with her High School Musical fanaticism.

Show #47: An Incredible Simulation! We start by talking about the British Invasion, and just go from there.

Show #46: Hello Kitty and the Rainy Day Economy. Yes, the economy’s affecting the Mouse, too.

Show #45: Which Ride Best Describes You? Live audio from MouseFest 2008, plus our own ramblings.

Show #44: Guilty Pleasures. As if we know shame…but at least we can pretend we do, so we talk about some stuff we like that we’re just not that proud of.

Show #43: Disneyana! We own some stuff. We like it.

Show #42: All About the Naked Mole Rat. It ain’t pretty. Don’t listen with the kids!

Show #41: Steamboat Willie. Lisa’s got a few concerns about Mickey’s behavior! And on another topic entirely, Jennifer and The Watchamacallit share about their experiences in London.

Show #40: For Your Consideration, in which we discuss the upcoming Academy Awards.

Show #39: The Disney Store: Threat or Menace? Because honestly, we don’t know if we love it or hate it.

Show #38: Cruisefest Part Deux, with more of that fabulous live audio from the high seas!

Show #37: Disney Diva Remembered, In which we express our love for the recently departed Eartha Kitt, also known as Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

Show #36: Cruisefest. In which Lisa has a fabulous time on the MouseFest Sea 2008!

Show #35: Run, Lisa, Run! Live audio from Lisa’s trip to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

Show #34: Happy New Year! Discussions of resolutions old and new.

Show #33: Holiday Greetings! Jennifer and Lisa wish you all a joyous season, and spin some holiday hits. Only those of strong stomach should stick around long enough for the hidden bonus track.

Show #32: MouseFesting!, In which we play some live audio from the Fest itself.

Show #31: Holiday Traditions, Including some fab songs from Lisa!

Show #30: Disneyland Records. We’re gonna bring you the power!

Show #29: So Darn Thankful. Because ’tis the season to be jolly and joyous. Fa la la. Or something like that.

Show #28: The Lisa Show! Talking with Matt Hochberg about Disney Cruise Line, and lots of random fun stuff.

Show #27: Listener Feedback, since y’all keep listening and feeding back!

Show #26: MouseFest or Bust! We’re gonna have all kinds of fun!

Show #25: All About the Worldly Wonder Pets! Brian Ripper of All About the Mouse joins us to talk about lodging for pets at Walt Disney World

Show #24: Breakdown! Geoff Carter of Your Souvenir Guide joins us to talk about attraction malfunctions

Show #23: Guilty Podcasters Unite! Do we know everything about Disney? No, but we got nothin’ to be guilty of

Show #22: On the Front Lines, where Jennifer’s military history buff spouse Collateral Damage reviews World War II Disney cartoons

Show #21: Toonfest-a-Palooza!, an extended, super-long episode, composed almost entirely of live audio from this annual event in Marceline

Show #20: Kungaloosh! Hoopla! , in which we discuss Adventurers Club, and do a little Hyperspace Hustle

Show #19: DisFriends, We Hardly Knew Ye, a sad farewell to the Disney-centric social networking site

Show #18: A Room of Minnie’s Own, a feminist discussion of Minnie’s Country Home, with our friend Eliyanna

Show #17: Life Before the Disney Channel, because yes, we are that old! Not like Scopa’s age or anything though.

Show #16: Help Me Start an NFFC Chapter, Will Ya? , in which we talk to Trace about his NFFC Chapter, and Jennifer chats with Chris Nolin about his favorite Disney-oriented books

Show #15: Listeners, We Has Them! , because people actually sent us feedback!

Show #14: Disneyfication, a discussion of the ways in which our Disney fanaticism has crept into our day-to-day lives

Show #13: Have You Heard the One About…. , in which we share the strange urban legends we’ve seen online, and hear a few more from friends at MagicMeets 2008

Show #12: Disney Feminist Heroes, a discussion of our favorite — and least favorite — male Disney characters

Show #11: Disney’s California Adventure with Your Souvenir Guide, in which we corral our friend Geoff Carter into chatting about the much-maligned park

Show #10: Meeting Magic, an ill-informed rambling discussion as we look forward to our first trip to Magic Meets

Show #9: Velkommen!, with Borup, Norway, wishniks, and Trace!

Show #8: Can You NOT Go to All Four Parks? ‘Nuff said.

Show #7: Terror at the Tommorrowland Terrace Noodle Station! Possibly our weirdest show ever….with wacky live audio from a theme-ing incident in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. If you want to know how Jennifer sounds when she’s laughing so hard she can hardly breathe, this is for you!

Show #6: Pal Mickey Fashion Needs, a crafty, DIY kinda moment

Show #5: An Hour Alone in the Parks: What would you do?

Show #4: You Gotta Have Friends: Who would you hang out with?

Show #3: PDA at Disney Parks: Would you kiss your sweetie in the Haunted Mansion? For some reason, this is our top downloaded episode, by a large margin.

Show #2: The Pal Mickey Interview! Well, actually it turns out he’s not a great conversationalist.

Show #1: What Should Be Disney’s 12th Gate? Yeah, like they’re listening to Those Darn Cats on this…

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