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TDC#305 When Your Phone Game Ends….What Next?


Lisa is stuck on the topic of endings – specifically all her free Disney game apps. While discussing, we meander. The best part of the discussion is either that we premonitioned this or that Jennifer sent a naked avatar to a work function on Second Life (where Lisa thinks her avatar is still stuck flying over stuff and never found land) (but was clothed).


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TDC#302 A Pride Of Topics

Does Wall*E touch your heart and your soul? (Of course, you KNOW what Wall*E stands for fight, trivia buffs?!) What about other Disney movies? Might Wall*E be perfect??

Also, what about all of these:


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TDC#299 Alaskan Soundbites and Disney Trivia


interesting theme choice for disney trivia, no?

interesting theme choice for disney trivia, no?

Lisa delves again into the Alaskan sound archives for these morsels including:

  • Disney Trivia with Andy (times two!)
  • a song (or two) with Robert Creighton
  • audio from the Whitepass Railway excursion in Skagway
  • a bus driver who really needs a hug

Next week, we talk Maleficent!


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TDC#297 North To Alaska


This week, Lisa shares her upcoming cruise schedule, info on a GREAT Alaskan cruise guidebook and a little Judge John Hodgman. Find more Hodgmania here and here and find out about the cruise he is talking about here.

Also, she highly recommends The Alaska Cruise Handbook: A Mile-by-Mile Guide.

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No Show This Week

Greetings all – I (Lisa) am still trying to figure out how to edit (quickly) in the “new” GarageBand – oh my, my head hurts! Between Jennifer and her family being so busy, Trace graduating and trying to deal with the loss of my beloved Magpie AND having Cookie, our Boston, suffering from a sudden, severe and (hopefully) reversible back injury and get going on packing….. I’m just trying to figure out HOW THE HECK TO EDIT MY AUDIO and not have a coronary!

My plan is to get the show I am working on finished and posted by this weekend, then likely we will take a long bye until I return from Alaska AND TALK MORE ABOUT THAT. :)

Thank you so much for your patience!!

PS I hate Mavericks
PPS I hate GarageBand 10.0